Finding Niche and Passion: Does Degree Matter?

Does Degree Matter?

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Exploring your passion is one way to find a niche. But having a specific area of knowledge can also provide clues to what kind of product or site might be a good fit for you.

Joel Comm didn’t really deeply explore the topic he used as his post title, he wrote these though:

I recommend grabbing a pen and piece of paper, and writing down twenty things which you think you have some knowledge about. Feel free to write down the first thing that comes to your mind.

Then, go to three people who know you fairly well and ask them to allow you to be narcicistic for a few minutes. Family members, friends, associates… try to get with a variety of people you trust. Ask them to make a list of twenty areas of knowledge or passion that they have observed in you. Oftentimes, others who know us see things that we might not see.

Compare the lists and look for overlaps. Be open-minded. You might just find the niche that you can scratch. 😉

It’s pretty nice and of course useful tips. More answers to the question I found on the comments left by others.

Does academic degree matter?

Responding to this, Mike Henry says:

@Vicki – Ben Franklin was largely self-taught. In the business world, you should know that actual experience, if sold right, it worth more than a degree. I’d suggest working on tone and confidence. You have “no credibility” because you don’t present yourself as credible.

And Fred says:

I just wanted to comment on the people who are putting themselves down because they don’t have a degree. A degree is a nice thing to have but it is not a guarantee of success. Does Bill Gates or Steve Jobs have a degree? I may be wrong but I don’t think they do. The point is that people are more interested in your product or service than whether you have a degree. In fact you don’t even need to have a product to start making money online. You can start out being an affiliate and sell other peoples products, courses, ebooks until you can find your niche. Don’t put obstacles in your way. Work with what you have. You might not start making much money right away but you will be gaining experience which is more valuable than a fancy degree.

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4 thoughts on “Finding Niche and Passion: Does Degree Matter?

  1. i seriously enjoy your own posting choice, very remarkable,
    don’t quit and also keep writing for the simple reason that it simply just truly worth to read it,
    excited to view much more of your current content articles, regards!

    • I believe the post is clear enough. I’m trying to follow what Joel Comm says. (1) I’ve tried what he said and though (2) I myself lose my degree, at least I can write something that I believe is acquired from whatever I’ve learned. So the answer is Yes I found it, the information, from the net. That’s why I just don’t write down what Joel Comm says but comments from others too. But one thing for sure is, it reflects my personal experience. Thank you very much for visiting and leaving comment on my blog.


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